Catch-and-Release Professional Tournament Series or, CARP Tournament Series is based in Bartlesville, Oklahoma and is under the direction of David Moore. Moore is considered a carp angling visionary in North America and the foremost authority on carp angling in the United States. He is a world-class carp angler – competing around the globe – and a founding director of the American Carp Society.


CARP Tournament Series, LLC – PO Box 1502 – Bartlesville, OK 74005 – USA


CARP Tournament Series is dedicated to catch-and-release carp angling through the promotion of pro-level tournaments which exemplify good sportsmanship, sound environmentalism, stewardship of our lands and waters as well as education of the sport by sanctioning and promoting professional tournament circuits for the catch-and-release carp angler throughout the U.S. and North America in the coming years.

Background & History

It is agreed upon within the European angling community that the U.S. has the greatest undeveloped potential of any of the countries regarding venues for world-class carp tournaments and competitions along with complementing leisure vacations and guiding. Carp angling in Europe is a multi-billion dollar industry.  With continuing promotion of this ‘specialized’ sport to European youngsters, retail tackle sales in Europe have increased every year for the past 15 years…and the market continues to grow. An estimated 20,000 people from the United Kingdom and Europe will take an annual ‘carp angling’ holiday to far reaching global destinations like the United States, Asia and Africa seeking prize size carp. These numbers will expand on a yearly basis as the venues within Europe become increasingly saturated and the international carper angler looks for alternative locations for trophy sized carp on a worldwide scale.

Tournament Director

David Moore

David Moore: He led Team USA at the European World Carp Classic, L’Orient, France in the fall of 2006 and the World Carp Classic at Lac de Madine, France in 2009. He has been fishing since childhood - focusing on carp angling for the past fifteen years. Photo courtesy of CarpDaddy

David Moore is co-founder of the American Carp Society (ACS) and serves as tournament director for the CARP Tournanent Series. Moore is a world-class carp angler representing Team USA at the World Carp Championship in Romania in 1999 and 2002. He represented the USA at the European World Carp Classic, L’Orient, France in the fall of 2006, and led Team USA at the World Carp Classic at Lac de Madine, France in the fall of 2009. He has been fishing since childhood – focusing on carp angling for the past two decades. Moore served as technical advisor for the St. Lawrence (NY) International Junior Carp Tournament™ which is the largest carp angling competition for youth in the world.

He is past-president of the Carp Anglers Group (CAG) a North American based organization which is dedicated to the amateur sport of carp angling and currently serves on CAG’s Board of Directors. While CAG President, Moore was the founder and tournament director of the Austin Team Championship 2002 and Carp Anglers Group Invitational 2003, and both tournaments continue to be maintained by CAG volunteers today. In 2004 CAG honored Moore with the Bud Yancy Champion of the Queen Award at their annual Chicago Carp Classic tournament. This lifetime achievement award credits his passion for promoting the sport and for exemplifying good sportsmanship and conservation of the species.

Moore is the U.S. representative and serves on the executive committee for the England-based ICFA (International Carp Fishing Association) which sanctions world-class carp angling tournaments around the globe.

Moore is a pioneer in carp-angling as having the vision to foresee the growth and acceptance of the sport in United States. He is considered the foremost American authority on carp angling.

Moore owns and operates Big Carp Tackle, LLC the largest on-line website and e-store fully dedicated to carp angling tackle and equipment in the United States. He has lived in Oklahoma his entire life.

Tournament Marketing Director

Kathleen Kelly-Ori: Tournament Marketing Director for CARP Tournament Series

Kathleen Kelly-Ori worked side-by-side with the American Carp Society providing marketing, public relations and global media support for the World Carp Championship on the St. Lawrence River in 2005 and 2011.

She is a seasoned tournament professional having served as tournament coordinator for the St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament for nearly 8 years. With an executive management background in the hospitality and tourism field, her marketing ability has complemented professional carp tournament planning, marketing and execution.

Kelly has won several awards in both tourism and marketing. She is a partner in CARP Tournament Series, a member of the Carp Anglers Group and continues to run her consulting firm Stellar Marketing Solutions in Massena NY.

2005 World Carp Championship

The World Carp Championship is the largest and most prestigious carp sporting event in the world. In 1999 the first WCC was held in Romania and has continued to gain in popularity and stature across Europe. The competition travels around the globe and is sanctioned by the International Carp Fishing Association (ICFA).

The American Carp Society hosted the World Carp Championship on the St. Lawrence River in June 2005 in the U.S.A. This is the first time that a professional carp tournament of this magnitude has ever been held in North America.

It is estimated that 400-600 competitors, media, volunteers, spectators and staff attended the St. Lawrence River competition in 2005 which made it the largest carp angling event yet to be held in the United States. According to an economic impact study commissioned by ACS, the competitors alone spent one-half million dollars in tourism revenues in the region over ten days.

Over $100,000 in cash and prizes, including two American-made pick-up trucks were awarded to contest winners. First place was won by previous-world-champion Tim Paisley and his team partner Steve Briggs of England.

2006 Texas Carp Championship

In March 2006, the American Carp Society awarded an unprecedented $250,000 cash prize to one angler – Al St. Cyr of Austin – for establishing the new Texas state record for common carp during the contest. This prize was the first-time-ever in the world that a prize of this magnitude was paid out in a carp angling catch-and-release event – a prize record that remains to this day. Massachusetts-based Scott Osmond took home the Big Four prize of $25,000 in the contest. In March 2007, the Inland Fisheries Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife awarded ACS a commendation in appreciation for their efforts promoting the sport of catch-and-release carp angling and bringing international media attention to the State of Texas.

U.S. Regionals and Tournament of Champions

CARP Tournament Series, announced the plan for a U.S. Regionals circuit which will be held in five locations throughout the United States, the first held in Baldwinsville NY in the spring of 2007 where an unparalleled 28,000 lbs. (over 14 ton) of carp was caught and released over a fifty-hour span by thirty-four two-person teams from four countries and fourteen States. The Northeast Regionals returned to Baldwinsville for 4 consecutive years through May 2010. The Regionals culminate with the annual Tournament of Champions (TOC).  CARPTS continues to look for exciting and challenges venues for competitive fishing and will launch a new line-up in 2012.

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