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Anglers hoping to catch $100,000 prize this week

You know the old saying, “A bad day of fishing beats a good day at work”? Well, a good day of fishing this week is going to offer a huge payoff. Organizers of the first-ever Connecticut Carp Open fishing tournament are offering $100,000 to one lucky angler.
The catch? (No pun intended.) There has to be a Connecticut record setting carp on the end of the line. A common carp weighs up to 31 lbs. The record in Connecticut is 43 pounds, 12 ounces.


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Connecticut anglers could win $100k in state’s largest fishing tournament

Connecticut’s best fisherman are competing this week for a $100,000 top prize at the Connecticut Carp Open Fishing Tournament.

The top prize will be awarded to the angler who certifies the new Connecticut state record for catching the largest carp from the Connecticut River during the 100-hour competition. The tournament began Monday morning, and continues through Friday of this week.


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$100k grand prize at stake in 100-hour fishing tournament on Connecticut River

It’s not an easy way to make $100,000, but it’s certainly impressive.

The Connecticut Carp Fishing Tournament kicked off on Monday, starting a 100-hour competition to catch the most carp.

Whichever angler breaks the current record of catching 43 pounds and 12 ounces of carp in the 100 non-stop hours–set by Michael Hudak, who is competing again this year–will win the grand prize, and people from across the country have traveled here to try their luck on the Connecticut River.


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Competitors try to win state’s first carp open fishing tournament

With $100,000 on the line, the state’s first carp open fishing tournament started on Monday with 40 anglers competing for the top prize.

These anglers will head to the banks of the Connecticut River for the week-long competition. One of those competitors is Avon resident Iain Sorrell.

Sorrell said he is hoping his 50 years of fishing experience will serve him well in the CARPTS 2015 Connecticut Carp Open. He was set up at Great River Park in East Hartford on Monday morning.


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Fishermen Seek $100,000 Jackpot At Carp Open

On a bank of the Connecticut River, with the Hartford skyline part of the night view, John Tsilfides holds a fishing pole with both hands as he tries to maintain balance at the water’s edge and slip on a pair of boots. He’s reeling in a fish.

“It’s a catfish,” he says, and his disappointment is apparent. “I just know. I’ve been fishing my whole life. I can tell by the way it’s moving.”


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Meet the 20 Best Anglers on the Planet

David Moore was named one of the top 20 best anglers on the planet by OutdoorLife:

David Moore
Fishing since childhood, native Oklahoman David Moore dedicated himself to carp angling two decades ago. He was a member of Team USA at the World Carp Championship in Romania in 1999 and 2002, and led Team USA at the World Carp Classic at Lac de Madine, France in the fall of 2009.  Moore and his fishing partner took top honors at the Nature’s Trophies Carp Challenge in Ogdensburg New York, in 2010, landing a total weight of 377 lbs. 12 oz.
Moore is co-founder of the American Carp Society (ACS) and serves as tournament director for the CARP Tournament Series, based in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He was honored in 2004 by the Carp Anglers Group with a lifetime achievement award for his passionate promotion of American carp angling.

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2014 Connecticut Carp Open: October 12 – 17

Location: Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Peg draw: Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014 at 5pm
Fishing starts: Monday, Oct 13, 2014 at 10 am and concludes Friday, Oct 17, 2014 at noon
Awards: Friday, Oct. 17, 2014

(places TBD)

This event will be limited to 100 Anglers.

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Carp Angling World Champions 2011: Lee Jackson and Ian Chillcott from England

These are the CAWC 2011 champions from England: Lee Jackson (left) and Ian Chillcott (right).

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2011 CAWC Photos Added!

We have added a ton of photos from the event. Please visit our CAWC 2011 photo section.

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