The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino presents:
2011 Carp Angling World Championship

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September 2011, St. Lawrence River, New York
Our hosts the: The St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce


CAWC 2011 Video

Video by bigcarpvideos (Youtube Link)

Special Guest: Ray Scott the Father of Modern Day Bass Fishing

Ray Scott. Photo Credit: Ray Scott Outdoors. Ray Scott

Bartlesville OK — Ray Scott, founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society® (BASS), will be the special celebrity guest at CARP Tournament Series’ elite Carp Angling World Championship on the St. Lawrence River in September. The legendary Scott sweetened the prize pool for the first-place winners with a getaway at his renowned private lake in Alabama.

Indisputably a strange relationship between the freshwater bass and common carp, this marriage between bass and carp was forged by Scott and CARPTS tournament director David Moore who share basic philosophies about sport fishing. Over the past several years Scott and Moore discussed the probability of Scott visiting the St. Lawrence during the Carp Angling World Championship, if Scott’s schedule allowed.

“I’ve always had an admiration for carp angling,” said Scott. “It piqued my curiosity many years ago, and I’ve followed the growth of the sport in the United States for the past decade or so.”
“When I met David, I realized we had the foundation for a friendship that was based on our identical values and beliefs of the importance of practicing catch-and-release sport fishing. As I learned more about Carp Tournament Series and their efforts to promote and educate about carp fishing, I was confident that we had much more in common than the eye could see.”

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Visit: St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce

The St. Lawrence River

Beautiful 30's are plentiful - expect hard-fighting virgin fish to give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Beautiful 30's are plentiful - expect hard-fighting virgin fish to give you the thrill of a lifetime.

The magnificent St. Lawrence River in northern New York State will be the site for the Carp Angling World Championship in late September 2011.

The St. Lawrence is considered one of the most prestigious carp fisheries in the world.  Prolific and virgin trophy-size fish attract the best carp anglers from America and foreign lands to its vast-deep waters.

Forming a natural boundary with the United States and Canada, the St. Lawrence is the freshwater watershed of the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

The tournament course is expected to be approximately 35 miles (56.3 km) between the river communities of Ogdensburg and Massena NY.

Over 200 world-class carp anglers from around the globe are expected to compete in this multi-day continuous-hour tournament.  The tournament will be a two-person team format.

The St. Lawrence Seaway is the cargo corridor between the Atlantic Ocean and the major ports of the Great Lakes. These huge vessels make their way through the deep channel within eyesight of your swim.

The St. Lawrence Seaway is the cargo corridor between the Atlantic Ocean and the major ports of the Great Lakes. These huge vessels make their way through the deep channel within eyesight of your swim.

The warm hospitality of the local people is known to those who have visited the St. Lawrence River region before.  And, CARP Tournament Series in partnership with host – the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce – are putting together a tremendous social and entertainment program for the registered participants.


This St. Lawrence competition is ratified by the International Carp Fishing Association affording the Carp Angling World Championship among the highest of standards in carp fishing.

ICFA is an alliance of 28 countries forming the largest carp fishing organization in the world.

Prize Pool

Based on 100 pair of registered anglers the prize pool has the potential to grow as the number of competitors increases through next spring’s deadlines. To sweeten the prize pool, a number of tackle and bait prizes will be added by the CAWC’s major sponsors.

  • 1st Place $30,000
  • 2nd Place $25,000
  • 3rd Place $20,000
  • 4th Place $15,000
  • 5th Place $10,000
  • Country Team $10,000
  • Big Fish $ 5,000
  • Big Four $ 5,000
  • Big Mirror $ 2,500

Also: The winning pair of the 2011 CAWC will receive a free entry for two persons to the 2012 World Carp Classic at Lake Bolsena in Italy, courtesy of the WCC.

Also: The CAWC winning pair will win a weekend stay at Ray Scott’s acclaimed private lake to fish for bass and carp.

The Presidents Lake: Ray Scott Bass Retreat. Photo Credit: Ray Scott Outdoors

The weekend includes: 3 nights lodging, 2 full-days of fishing, airport pick-up, all meals provided with relaxed family-style dinners, comfortable accommodations with private baths, boats available or bring your own, two miles of private and scenic jogging road, secluded pool, lodge area with large fireplace and big screen TV and many amenities.

Tackle and Equipment Information

Rental (for hire) items: Bedchairs, Chairs, Bivvy, Brollys, Nets, Rods and Unhooking Mats
For sale items: Keep Sacks, Bait, Accessories and Fish Care

Click the logos below to view and purchase equipment:


Registration and Payment

Dates: Saturday, September 24 – Friday, September 30, 2011
Entry Fee: $2,500 USD per pair

Payment Options


Entry Form: Click here (pdf, 1.1mb)

Preliminary Rules, as of January 2011: Click here (pdf, 258K)

Event Itinerary: Event Itinerary

For more information: Email us at CARP Tournament Series holds the sole rights to the CAWC. Accreditation is required for all television, radio, print and web-based media. To request accreditation applications, click here and select for subject line option #2.

Nonimmigrant Visas: Special note to our overseas competitors: once your registration and deposit are processed, CARPTS can send you a letter of invitation to secure a visitor visa. Please contact us as soon as possible. Get started with a Nonimmigrant Visa Application.

Teams Committed

(as of June 1, 2011)

[flag code=”au” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”at” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”ca” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”cz” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”gb” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”fr” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”nl” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”lu” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”mx” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”pl” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”ro” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”ru” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”sk” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”za” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”ua” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”us” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”gr” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”rs” size=”24″ text=”yes”]
[flag code=”je” size=”24″ text=”yes”]

Estimated Team Allocations

(as of January 2011)

Country Sponsor Pairs Teams
Austria 9 3
Canada 12 4
Croatia 3 1
Czech Republic 6 2
England 15 5
France 6 2
Germany 3 1
Greece 3 1
Holland 9 3
Hungary 3 1
Italy 3 1
Japan 3 1
Latvia 3 1
Lithuania 3 1
Luxemburg 3 1
Mexico 3 1
Poland 12 4
Romania 15 5
Russia 12 4
Slovakia 3 1
South Africa 3 1
Turkey 3 1
Ukraine 9 3
USA (Host Country) 18 6




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