• St. Lawrence River, USA
  • Connecticut River, Hartford CT, USA
  • Hominy Lake, Oklahoma, USA
  • Lady Bird Lake, Austin TX, USA
  • Seneca River, Baldwinsville NY, USA

St. Lawrence River, USA

A great catch at the St. Lawrence

The vast watershed of the entire Great Lakes system flows through Northern New York State and Southern Ontario Canada creating an international border as it makes its way to the Atlantic Ocean. Not only prolific for carp anglers, the river itself is a spectacle with ocean-going vessels marching past your swims, nearly indescribable sunrises and sunsets as well as an abundance of wildlife from bald eagles to an occasional elk or moose.

Known for challenging currents and weather conditions, the St. Lawrence rarely disappoints carp anglers with plentiful monster 30′s and 40′s. The river was the site of our 2005 World Carp Championship, and is a desired destination for carp anglers from all over the globe.

Connecticut River, Hartford CT, USA

Connecticut River Catch

Over 400 miles in length, the Connecticut River flows from headwaters in New Hampshire to Long Island Sound in the Atlantic Ocean.

The city of Hartford area is bisected by the tidal river just adjacent to the downtown business district. A renaissance of the waterfront has brought a wide range of recreational activities to its shores – including carp angling.

The Connecticut River and the many tributaries and estuaries provide the perfect habitat for plenty of strong fighting carp.

Hominy Lake, Oklahoma, USA

At Hominy Lake, Oklahoma, USA

This freshwater reservoir in Northeast Oklahoma is a favorite among carp anglers because of the natural “nooks and crannies” where Hominy Lake meets the shoreline creating countless optimum bankside fishing locations.

This beautiful setting has been the site of the previous Tournament of Champions (TOC) and is the site for the CARP Tournament Series South Central Regionals.

Plentiful commons and mirrors make fishing Hominy Lake an extraordinary experience for carp anglers.

Lady Bird Lake, Austin TX, USA

At Lady Bird Lake, Austin TX, USA

The Colorado River is tamed by man-made dams forming a beautiful recreational waterfront along Lady Bird Lake, or formerly Town Lake, in downtown Austin.

The urban setting has been the site for several tournaments, including the 2006 Texas Carp Challenge where the Texas State Record for common carp earned CARP Tournament Series circuit-angler Al St. Cyr a payout of $250,000 for his 43 lb. 2 oz. common.

The venue provides excellent fishing year-round with the amenities of city-life just steps away.

Seneca River, Baldwinsville NY, USA

Great day at the Seneca River

The glacially-formed Finger Lakes empty to the Great Lakes through a system of strong current rivers and canals in Central New York State. The Seneca River winds its way through small historic villages, such as Baldwinsville, as it finds its way to the confluence of the Oswego and Oneida Rivers to Lake Ontario.

The community of Baldwinsville has embraced the sport of carp angling. The locals extend warmth and enthusiam for hosting carp anglers from around the world. The fishing action at the first CARP Tournament Series Northeast Regionals in 2007 was acclaimed by the participants as an amazing unprecedented 28,544 pounds of carp were recorded in 50 hours. And 2008 was even more impressive with 41 teams catching 2,350 carp weighing in at 36,282 pounds – over 18 tons – in 50 hours.

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